Gethsemane’s first annual art fair

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Laura Coyle, Hornbill. Conte crayons and watercolor.

Gethsemane’s first annual art fair.

Saturday August 14 —  10AM-5PM
Sunday August 15 — 10:00AM- 4PM
5739 N Clark St, Andersonville

This is shaping up to be one of the most lovely, home grown art fairs of the season. Gethsemane couldn’t hold back a love for art that was slowly encroaching on their love for plants and flowers. Now they will be combining their passions into a beautiful hybrid of nature and art.

Jill Zylke, Andie's On Clark. Oil on Canvas.

With over 70 artists the art show will feature a wide array of local talent which will showcase painting, drawing, printmaking ceramics, photography and collage. Employees will be providing the music via their respective bands. How homespun is that? I already have images of beautiful images, the smell of flowers, and folk music in the air. Click link for the complete list of artists and disciplines .

This all takes place at Gethsemane Garden Center, a Mecca for every Chicago gardener who is hoping to “up their game” in the arena of herbs, trees and shrubs. Gethsemane started as a small storefront and is now — hang with me here — two city blocks. Yet, Regas Chefas, the owner  (and his entire family, for the last 3 generations), has always found ways to be amazing “corporate citizens”. Which includes, but is not limited to, awesome Halloween celebrations for kids, investing heavily in the community, hiring locally, and landscaping the entire north end of Clark Street in Andersonville. Yes, you read that correctly, they landscaped the street.

Ruby Barnes, Dark Mother, Dark Father. Oil on canvas.

Corinne Peterson, Marker - Flow, 2009, Stoneware, 5'h.

Please be aware that the Gethsemane’s huge parking lot will now be filled with artists’ booths – paintings and drawings to be exact.  Take advantage of the 4 block stroll from the Red Line’s Bryn Mawr train stop or hop on the #84 Peterson bus that can drop you to Clark and Ridge.  The #22 Clark Street bus stops directly in front of Gethsemane.