Contemporary Collecting: An Interview with James Rondeau

Next time you visit the Art Institute, take time to notice the names. If you look up, these names belong to the benefactors and patrons of the arts in Chicago. These names, up high and oft unnoticed, silently mark the enormous generosity and gift to the public, who, usually unaware, rarely grasp the depths of these contributions. Both the museum and the public at large would have considerably less of an artistic heritage had it not been for the hard work and generosity of these contributors.

The current show, Contemporary Collecting: Selections from the Donna and Howard Stone Collection, now on view in the Modern Wing, includes highlights from the fantastic contemporary art collection of two of the museum’s greatest contributors. This exhibition was specifically conceived for the new Modern Wing galleries and is the culmination of an ongoing relationship between the museum, the Curator and Chair of Contemporary Art, James Rondeau and the Stones. Donna and Howard Stone have been involved with the Art Institute and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago for years in multiple capacities.

Adrienne Tarver recently had the opportunity to sit and talk with James Rondeau about the show, the Stones collection and the importance of their contributions to the Art Institute of Chicago.

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