Call for Installation Artist Diagrams

Usually we wouldn’t put this in a post, but since it’s August, and we go live with new content in two days, I thought I’d make a post about this particular call. In the future, look in the nav bar for “Wanted” and it will be quirky lists for recommendations for artist roundups.

Call for installation artists: we’re doing a piece about installation designs. If you have diagrams, images, sketches, autocad … any installation. If you have images already on the web, that’s ideal – then we don’t have to worry about ownership or copyright because we’re just being a portal to the image (letting people view what’s already there), and not “taking the image” and “using it”. So if you’re a fan or someone or you have something yourself, send us the links and some backstory and we’ll see if we get enough for a roundup.

The entry button is in the form of a survey.