Art Website Pick List

Art Critic Claudine Ise begins disclosing some of her lesser-known favorite art websites from her RSS feed. A complete list is soon to come.

In no particular order:

MW Capacity – a blog about painting in the midwest. A friendly comment section that functions like a group crit, when they get enough comments to get a discussion going anyway.

Dezeen – an excellent international design blog that helps me keep contemporary art contextualized with what is happening in the design world. For some reason this blog has an obsession with offbeat chair design (my favorite: the Obesity Chair). I also like that they don’t focus on interior decoration a la Apartment Therapy and that ilk. Not that there’s anything wrong with AT, but Dezeen is less focused on ‘how to make your home look good’ and more on ideas, trends, concepts, etc. while still being fun to read. But really, I read it for the chairs.

Morbid Anatomy – this blog has a focus on art and culture related to autopsy, anatomy, dead people and things, and the like. Always something fascinating and new to learn from their posts.

Artworld Salon – discussions of ‘hot topics of the day’ relating to museums and the art world in general. sometimes too general in nature to be truly interesting but there have been some really good discussions here.

Nihilsentimentalgia – this one is one of my new favorites. She focuses on the art of the uncanny: doubles, mannequins, so much cool stuff. She highlights a number of artists I’ve not heard of before or are off the beaten path. there’s a gruesome bent to the aesthetic here that I’m deeply attracted to despite myself.

Beyond the Beyond – Bruce Sterling’s blog for Wired. Not an art blog, but he does cover art and culture quite a bit always with an eye on the technology angle. I just love this guy and his wry parenthetical asides.

We Make Money Not Art – An international review of art, culture, architecture and design from around the world with a focus on museum exhibitions. Not the most well-written blog in the world, but keeps me aware of what’s happening in the art world internationally.

On the Make – I subscribe to a bunch of Chicago art blogs (including Chicago Art Magazine, of course!) but I’ve been relying on On the Make from early on to help guide me through the city’s art scene and happenings. This blog was especially important to me when I first moved here.

Things Magazine – oh how I love this blog. A round up of odd little links from around the web, grouped together thematically, which is incredibly useful. This is probably my favorite of all the blogs I subscribe to.

Tomorrow Museum – a thoughtful blog written by Joanne McNeil. She muses about all manner of art and culture not restricted to contemporary art but books and essays too. Always some kind of interesting idea on this site, I go here to get turned on to something new, and it won’t necessarily be art-related.