Gallery Spotlight: The Post Family

Gallery Spotlights are posts about randomly selected* art venues in Chicago

Samuel Isenstein


The Post Family is an artist collective based in the Ukranian Village.  The Family works out of a loft space serving as a dual gallery and studio area for members and affiliates.  The official roster reads 7 members, all melding fine art into the world of design.

Named after (or in tribute to) a decidedly religious Christmas card found in Grand Rapids MI, the family aims to support each other in their artistic pursuits and to encourage communal artistic collaboration.  Each member has his own career and work schedule, but the space is used as a support system for each other and the design community.  The Family usually has around 7 gallery shows every year, the current being a collaboration with AGIA Chicago.  The show is the last event for AIGA’s Chicago Design Week.  Entitled We Are Family: Emerging talent in Chicago, the gallery showcases graphic design work by artists such as Margot Harrington, Shawn Hazen, the collaborative Sonnenzimmer and Scott Reinhard.

Margot Harrington’s Margot’s Periodic Table of Blogging is a transient glimpse into the nature of the internet.  The orderly and meticulously placed Post-It’s serve to draw the eye into a saccharine tessellation that confuses any sense of duty.  How is it possible to carry out the multitude of tasks presented on the 238 notes?  It doesn’t seem to matter as long as they’re recorded and celebrated.

Blogging, Margot Harrington

Sonnenzimmer’s pastille graphic sensibilities are merged with typography and printmaking.  The objects relate feelings of forests, vast spaces swathed in deep, muted color.  Abstracted images coalesce around the borders of books and album covers, Sonnenzimer combines conceptual and free form process to render striking and varied imagery.

The work presented in We Are Family seems aimed at a hyperconscious demographic, quick to laugh and just as eager to move on.  The self-conscious attitude of the work underscores its impact – a digital age is uncompromisingly grafted to our very beings, the way information is disseminated and fragmented will be increasingly viral and innocuous.  The gallery selection brings humor and wit to the immediacy of an information glut – simplifying the mess we have to sift through in order to glean useful data from the world around us.

The Family Room Gallery is located on 1821 W. Hubbard St, unit #202.  We Are Family debuted on May 21st, 2010 and the next showcase will take place on June 26th – further details to come.  More information here.

*Gallery spotlights are chosen based on a lottery, which we document by videotape, in order to be transparent and truly random. 10 were chosen out of a pool of 350.