CAM Themed Weekend Picks

Stephanie Burke here, Managing Editor and Director of Operations of this fair magazine, head honcho of Art Talk Chicago, Bad at Sports contributor, and self-same author of The Gallery Crawl and So Much More. Again, I bring you the beauty of the CAM Themed Weekend Picks.

This week I bring you three shows under the theme “Photos, Movies and Music.” These staples of popular and art culture are integral to keeping life interesting, so let’s see how they’re manifesting in Chicago this weekend:

Photos –

Proof at Catherine Edelman

“Proof is commonly defined as “evidence sufficient to establish a thing as true, or to produce belief in its truth.” It has been the name of an award winning Broadway play and a Hollywood film. It is used in the court of law, in mathematical conclusions and in determining the strength of alcohol. In photography, it is the trial print of a negative, also called a contact sheet.”

Opening reception for Proof is Friday, July 16th, from 5-8pm. Catherine Edelman Gallery is located in River North, at 300 W. Superior St.

Movies –

Humboldt Moving Picture Show

“The Humboldt Moving Picture Show presents…a program of over 25 artists’ interpretations of the moving picture…The first Humboldt Moving Picture Show was conceived as a community affair; this year’s program features more than 25 moving pictures from local and international artists located in Egypt, Kosovo, Palestine, Germany, and Mexico.”

The Humboldt Moving Picture Show begins at sunset on Saturday, July 17th. The Humboldt Moving Picture Show will be held in the Sideyard at Richmond Manor, in Humboldt Park, at 1625 N Richmond St. Popcorn and drinks will be available for a small donation.

Music –

The Art of Touring at Johalla Projects

“This exhibition brings together some of the talent from the book “ART OF TOURING” ( square root books ) and the local music community to showcase creative endeavors when not rockin’ on the stage. Whether video, pictures, sketches or written word , these musicians keep their creative edge sharp while whittling away the hours in a van, on a plane or walking about the cities they frequent.”

Opening reception for The Art of Touring is Friday, July 16th, from 7-11pm. Johalla Projects is located in Wicker Park, at 1561 N. Milwaukee Ave.

Want to know what else is going on this weekend? Everything’s listed at Chicago Art Map, have a look!