How to Collect: A Webguide

Chicago Art Collector is a new site aimed at investigating the world of collectors and collecting. When it came time to investigate the information already on the web, I started to realize just how difficult it is to find good resources on the web. It seems that more sites are merely promotional roundups that function to showcase (paying) artists online.  I have decided to roundup the sites worth mentioning that effectively explore the facts, figures and ideas behind art collecting.

This being Chicago Art Collector, I should first mention our local compatriot collecting site – The Collector Magazine

Brought to you by Chicago Gallerist George N’Namdi, this site has culled great write-ups and resources by collectors, for collectors. For instance, the post – “Art Tips 101: Jumaane’s Tips for Collectors” provides a great Q&A for art care and conservation.

ArtInfo is an extremely dense site that covers most things art related. Especially worthy of noting is the Art Market section and their “Overvalued/Undervalued”

There happen to be a small group of e-bloggers crafting original content on collecting and one of the sites that stands out to me is Lisa Hunter’s adventures in the art market is a wonderful blog and is high on my list in terms of the perspective and and approach. In terms of the Chicago mainstay of internet art missives, the real stalwart is Paul KIein who has been writing his Art Letter for years now.

Modern Art Obsession is a wonderfully comprehensive site and recently featured a post on art as asset.

Tyler Green’s Modern Art Notes are not to be missed for commentary and he often traipses into collector-related topics.

A few others for you to checkout are:
The Art Collectors is a site that covers art collecting topics largely from the artist point of view.

Art Addict had a short post advising to buy what you love and the commentary is worth the read.

The Amateur Art Collector and its right-on tagline: “with a hobby this idiosyncratic requires camaraderie” despite not having been updated since September of last year, this site has some interesting posts in the archives.

And while this might not be too much in the way of new information, the Warhol Foundation has a interesting segment called Artists Who Collect. It just so happens that this small section provided me with the idea for an upcoming segment – Artists Collecting Artist – which will be featured on the site later this July.

Of course, this is by no means a complete collection of collector resources and collecting art is a nebulous subject which can weave in and out of many related subjects – from curating and buying art to nitty gritty of insurance and conservation. If there are any that were left out please feel free to add them in the comments or send me an email at chicagoartcollector [at] gmail [dot] com