Andre Guichard’s Series: 100 Artists, 100 Collectors

Artist and collector Andre Guichard began an ambitious project in 2010 with his series titled 100 Artists, 100 Collectors South of Roosevelt Road. The goal for this project is to find and feature art collectors in and around the south side of Chicago. When Guichard says south, he means does mean southern. This past April, Guichard trekked as far south as the southeastern US in order to visit with and interview Atlanta-based collector Darwin Brown.

Work by Lillian Blaze, Collection of Darwin Brown

In the video, Brown gives a quick tour and introduces a few of the artists in his collection. The artists include Charles Nelson, Kojo Griffin, Lance Lamont and a “favorite piece” by artist Lillian Blaze. By and large, all the artists mentioned in the video are Atlanta-based and friends and colleagues with one another. Brown explains his personal connection with these artists began with he met Lamont through a dealer.

Interestingly, Brown admits his reticence about the term collector being applied to himself and his penchant for buying art. He explains that “after buying the work and spending hard-earned money on the work, I realized that its more than a notion – to just buy artwork. So having an investment background and recognising the value and understanding the market in which things are sold [that] art is not like any other market – its got a lot of other intangible aspects to it.” It seems that Brown is a collector that not only appreciates the commerce of the art market but the camaraderie as well.

Guichard’s original post and video can be viewed here. Please├é┬ávisit Guichard’s blog for upcoming collector profiles.