Skokie Group Photo of 300+

Editor’s Note: Skokie totally rocks, so none of you jerks are allowed to post any jokes in the comments. Do you know that we’re the sister city of Porbandar, where not only Ghandi was born, but Lord Krishna’s wing man Sudama? So stick that in your pipe and smoke it. We’re lining up our outstanding, mixed-cultural community (70 different languages are spoken in the homesĀ of the local elementary school) and … well, I’ll let Ms. Kring’s project speak for itself….

Get your pictures taken with 300 of your neighbors.

Skokie residents and everyone at the Festival of Cultures is invited to be in the big aerial group picture being taken during the festival. The plan is to make the picture on Saturday, May 22, during the opening ceremonies, which start at 1 p.m., weather permitting. (If we have to go to Plan B, we’ll be in touch ASAP about what that will be.)

Festival of Cultures runs 11 a.m. – 7 p.m. Saturday and Sunday, May 22 and 23.

This photo is the first to be shot for the All Skokie Photo Project, a year-long project that aims to make a picture of everyone in Skokie and who cares about Skokie, such as residents, workers, as well as alumni and past residents. The project will go from May 2010 through May 2011. The photo will become part of the archives of the Skokie Historical Society.

The project aims to involve all of Skokie in photo and portrait making in order to:
– encourage creative expression
– bridging the gap between people of different backgrounds and places
– enhancing the contemporary photography collection of the Skokie Historical Society
– promote pride in Skokie

We aim to exhibit the photo at the Skokie Heritage Museum later in the summer, during Backlot Bash and other Village events.

After the launch, we’ll organize other shoots–large scale group shoots, shoots at the Farmers Market, block parties, schools, senior centers and more–to make portraits of families, students, workers, church-goers, temple-goers and more. Emphasis will be placed on documenting real people as they really are. Images will be exhibited online and in public spaces throughout the Village as soon as possible after each shoot.

Inclusivity is important in all aspects of this project so that the photographs and the Skokie Historical Society’s archive will be relevant now and 100 years from now. This means that everyone in Skokie is invited not just to have their photo made, but other ways too. More info to come.

So far supporters officially include the Illinois Arts Council, a state agency; the Skokie Fine Arts Commission; the Skokie Park District, SkokieNet, the Village of Skokie and Kring Lerner Group. Unofficially even more.

Chief photographer Karen Kring can be reached to answer any questions you have about the project, listen to ideas, accept offers to get involved at karen@kringlernergroup.com.


Friends of the All Skokie Photo Project, people already helping make this project great, include:
– Scott Holtz
– Fran Roehm
– Rick Moskovitz
– Linda Quinn
– Angeles “Jelly” Carandang
– Rachel Taxman
– Rebecca Taxman
– Joel Lerner
– Ken Kring
– Nancy Kring Corbige
– Erica Minchella
– Aleksandr Krapivkin
– Erica Mui
– Richard Reeder
– Deb Lawrence
– Sally Chapralis
– Jessica Raymond-Dembo
– Anonymous (1)

and many of the people volunteering with the Skokie Historical Society and organizing the Festival of Cultures.

Special thanks to the Skokie Park District and Village of Skokie staff for helping make the All Skokie Photo Project’s launch a success.