Internal Plugs for Art Chicago

Let the disclosures begin! This post is about people associated with Chicago Art Magazine and Kathryn Born, Inc., who are participating in Art Chicago.  I’m plugging my panel, the artist for my upcoming poetry book  – Tara Strickstein – her performance. Which happens to include Stephanie Burke (our Managing Editor) and Jeriah Hildwine (contributor). And then Robin Dluzen, who just graduated from intern to freelancer, she’ll be showing with CAC. Also noteworthy, MK Meador (Senior Editor) helped with some huge 400 piece install for Linda Warren Gallery. And we have a media table. What am I missing?

Tara Strickstein – Bloodshed Event, Pataphor
NEXT, April 29- May 3

The second in a series of calculated situations rooted in social psychology and behavioral theory; the seven deadly sins incarnate.
Performed in an exaggerated and macabre game-show aesthetic, this interactive installation investigates zero-sum theory as it relates to pride, greed and envy.

Through a series of absurd feats of strength, wit and endurance, viewers-cum-participants will undergo a psychological re-valuation of symbols of victory.

And Stephanie and Jeriah are either verbally or physically battling people. I’m not sure.

Again and Again:  An Exploration in Pattern and Sequence

Work by Jiwon Yoon, Angela Bryant, HUR, and Robin Dluzen – Chicago Artists’ Coalition (CAC)
“…   by incorporating the unique architecture of the exhibition space, the artists construct a directional path that creates dialog between their pieces and the viewers…. Robin Dluzen takes one image and recreates it over and with the assistance of different media each time.”

Sunday – 1-2:30P
Social Media Strategies in Chicago’s Art Community
Art Chicago Art Spot, 12th Floor

How are arts organizations and publications using blogs, Twitter and Facebook to connect with their communities? How is social media changing art criticism, marketing and writing?  Co-moderated by art critic Alicia Eler and Chicago Gallery News’ Ginny Berg, this panel features Duncan MacKenzie, Bad at Sports; Kathryn Born, Chicago Art Magazine; Karla Loring, Museum of Contemporary Art; Crystal Pernell, Hyde Park Art Center; Judd Morrissey, School of the Art Institute; and Carrie Heinonen, Art Institute of Chicago.