“Faces, Varieties, Posture” a discussion with Justin Cabrillos

Shannon Schmidt

Justin Cabrillos is one of the artists selected to perform at this year’s IN>TIME Performance Series at the Chicago Cultural Center on March 27.  Curated by Mark Jeffrey and Sara Schnadt, IN>TIME is a collaborative effort of the Department of Cultural Affairs and The Chicago Performance Network and incorporates performances from local, national, and international performance artists. The piece Cabrillos will perform, titled “Faces, Varieties, Posture, is a site-sensitive production that focuses on the architecture and history of the Cultural Center, formerly a library and a Civil War memorial. Cabrillos discusses his performance with Chicago Art Magazine.

Cabrillo’s studio is overflowing with documents from his research of the Cultural Center, including old photographs and architectural plans.

Hours later, as the “Camptown Races” tune mentally replays itself, themes of Walt Whitman, breath, and embodiment join the melody. And they just keep rolling.

IN>TIME took place Saturday, March 27 at the Chicago Cultural Center. For more information visit – www.justincabrillos.com