2010 Creative Chicago Expo (with bonus content)

Creativity Expo This Saturday  – PLUS – bonus info about the CAR (Chicago Artists Resource) Classified Section


Chicago Art Magazine will be in the house during the 2010 Creative Expo at the Cultural Center. We have a big homemade sign, and fliers the size of a coaster. Our presence will be outstanding. I’m also on a social networking panel from 1:30-2:30, and with my personal contribution to the panel :
What do we really mean by “ethical” anyway?:  Twitter Robots, having your assistant log on and make ‘friends’,  and other questionable Anti-Social Networking techniques”
Ok, I’m kind of joking  … even though it’s what we do in real life. Anyway! I digress! The Cultural Expo is cool, I was there last year, when CAM was just a sparkle in my eye, and it’s the who’s-who of arts and culture in the Windy City.
Look here: 25 Workshops | 100+ Vendors | 40+ Consultants

Classified Ads on CAR

CAR (Chicago Artists Resource) does a lot of things well, but among them, their free-to-post classifieds. Every job opening we have, we post on CAR (right now we have an ad up for summer interns). It’s been a great resource for us. Also, I’d like people to know about it because it’s damn handy to have one central spot for arts and culture classifieds. 

I’m also a big advocate of it being our central, local, and free “call for artists” spot.

So use it and peruse it people, and no one is sponsoring this post, I’m saying it because it is necessary.

Go get your help wanted.