Art Blog Links

by Fruzsina Eordogh

Chicago Artist Resource

The following visual art sites are ones I try to frequent at least once a week and they reflect the kinds of posts I will be re-blogging should the content be deemed worthy:

The Chicago Artist Resource is a must for any artist or art critic/lover. In the same vein, the Chicago Art Department is also an educational resource, as is the Chicago Urban Art Society (link takes you to their facebook, as their website is not working) same The (con)Temporary Art Space to some extent, with a focus on “action”.
Art activist Paul Klein’s Art Letter muses over various issues plaguing art today. Tony Fitzpatrick posts his newest creations on his blog as they are done, and explains the emotional and thought process behind each of his collages.
Art Slant Chicago is a comprehensive site where users can find information about the latest exhibits and openings, as well as social network with fellow artists.  I personally never browse this site, and always leave quickly as the layout is busy and headache inducing, but they do produce good content since time and again I find myself being linked here.

Art or Idiocy is usually worth the click, except the site has been slacking for the past month or so. Chicago Art Review has content I don’t find elsewhere and is good about updating. The Wandering Caterpillar, a great resource for alternative spaces, has “wandered away”. On the Make is their Chicago endorsement, while Art Cat is their New Yorks.

Art Talk Chicago

DUMPSITE (or now “Rubbish Goes Here”) has only posted twice this year, but I am hoping Noah continues to update the site. Says Noah before the new year: ” The site (I don’t like the word “blog”) is not quite abandoned–it’s more like an old factory building that you THINK is abandoned, but then you notice that there are still a few lights on, and a white pickup truck is parked out back. Something will happen here eventually (probably), though I’m not sure what, or when. ” Hurry up and update DUMPSITE!

ChicagoNOW’s collection of art blogs: Art Talk Chicago is run by CAM’s very own Stephanie Burke, so I am compelled to give her a shout-out…. The Chicago Art Blog gets a nod considering Abraham Richie’s editorial “The Unfulfilled Promise of Graffiti“, and Chicago Gallery News is a favorite over here at CAM, but only because of Ginny.
Lee Bey’s blog over on Vocalo is one of my favorite architectural blogs and one of the best. Bey is also a talented photographer. Another good architectural blog is ArchitecturalChicago Plus, where the posts tend to be humorous (intentionally, or not).
Bad At Sports is another favorite, complete with podcasts and video links.
And let us not forget the old art faithfuls: Newcity, Gapers Block, and Time Out Chicago.
Moving out of Chicago now…

Bad At Sports

The arts and culture section of The New Yorker, is a must in case I need to bust out some “liberal elite-ism” and because of The New Yorker, I should probably link to the Arts section of the New York Times. Other NYC art sites I find myself on are  Art Fag City, Horses Think (always something unusual), Two Coates of Paint, and the arts section of the Village Voice. Notable Los Angeles sites for art include  Blur + Sharpen and Culture Monster but admittedly, I don’t really care about the Californian art scene, because they don’t have a winter.

National blogs I will be pulling from will include Flavorwire (Chicago’s Flavorpill), Lost at E Minor (also a clusterf*ck or a website so be prepared to be overwhelmed if you click link), Booooooom, Everything is Terrible (because these could count as video art nowadays,  with the same applying to three frames). I Heart Photographs, FFFFOUND!, and Oh, photos never disappoint when I need some inspiration. Jumping in Art Museums always makes me smile, same with bad banana blog.
I am sure I have forgotten some very good art blogs, and if an omission has offended you, leave a comment. Enjoy the links!