Art & Language – Interview and Audio Gallery Tour (1)

This is a continuation of my first piece on Art & Language.

Now, the audio interview – SEE VERY BOTTOM OF POST – will actually work really well as a gallery tour (assuming you walk very slowly), as Michael Baldwin (who speaks first) and Mel Ramsden and I started in the back end gallery, on the left, and went clockwise. Then talked about the art in the front room.

And forgive me for being effusive, but, Jesus, these guys are still hitting the fast balls out of the park. They’ve been writing lyrics for a rock band They were ahead of their time in 1967 and they’re ahead of their time today. It’s the gift of talent and innovation that can transcend any trend.

Below is Part 1, Click here for Part 2.

Now it starts a little slow, but perks up, gains speed and starts to fly as the interview goes on. So here’s is a breakdown for those of you who have no patience and want to know what image we were on.

1:00 background information  – modernism’s nervous breakdown

7:45 – interview – Mel:  It can be ANY nothing, as long as you’ve got an institution around it.

13:00  – not translating the work to other languages

We start looking at pieces around

18:00 minutes  – document of posters

20:00  Map

23 minutes –  talking about greetings

25 minutes – pubis images and how it ties into the pieces on the left

Part 2

1:13 Kangaroo means “what did you say?”

3:00 Paintings of snow that drove them close to suicide

11:00 Blueprints of a napkin being stabbed with a pencil